What does it cost?

What does it cost?

We have put together a number of packages to help you achive your goals and budget.

Standard AFF


Wind Tunnel Training


By taking the Advanced AFF with wind tunnel training, you will most likely avoid costly re-jumps, allowing you to make progress with confidence and ease. The course will fully prepare you for your airborne AFF jumps by teaching you the flying skills in the wind tunnel. This will help you to complete your AFF course confidently and successfully.

Additional charges

The following costs are approximate and can vary according to the drop zone:

Consolidation jumps

  • Jump Ticket from £20
  • Equipment Hire £15

Re-Jump Prices

  • Level 1 - 3 £120
  • Level 4 - 7: £80
  • Level 8: £30


  • Approx £20 per night
  • Bed and Breakfast


  • £60 each way
  • Travel to DZ

Optional Extras

Please see my costs for any optional extras if required.

FS Coaching


  • Plus Jump Ticket

Packing Course


  • Per Person

Canopy Handling / Piloting


  • Price Per Jump