Here you can find some of our most popular questions asked but if you have any other queries then please either contact us via our contact page of call us. We are always happy to help.
How often do you run your AFF courses?
Learn Skydiving offers AFF courses all year round to suit the needs of individual students.
How long will my course take?
Students can pass their AFF course in as little as 3 to 4 days.
What about skydiving insurance? And, do I need to declare to my current life insurers that I am taking part in skydiving?
Various companies offer specialist skydiving insurance - many can be found on the Internet. You will require personal accident and liability insurance. You will also require proof that you are in possession of this insurance. Note: we do recommend that you inform your current insurance company (companies) that you are taking part in skydiving.
I am completely new to skydiving so how will you help me?
Over half of AFF students have not taken part in skydiving and we are fully aware of what it takes to gain confidence. We’ll help you every step of the way in becoming a true skydiver.
How many jumps can I perform in a day whilst learning?
We feel up to three jumps a day is feasible depending on the individual. The key thing is to enjoy the experience and not rush - in other words, we’ll go at your pace!
Does static line experience count?
Static line experience can give you a head start in performing your first freefall skydive. But, we hasten to add it is not essential for any Learn Skydiving student to have static line experience. However, if you have completed up to 10 second delays you can start your AFF from level 3.
Do I need to provide special equipment / clothing?
No. Advanced state-of-the-art equipment will be available on an on-hire basis and is included in your course. You will need comfortable clothes to wear, non-restrictive sportswear and trainers are ideal.
What kind of facilities are available within the dropzones?
All of our skydiving venues are among the best in the world. They all have local bars, restaurants, camping area, comfortable bunkhouse, hotels, apartments and chalets.
Will I be left on my own in the evenings?
As you will doing the course with Barry, he will never leave you on your own - unless you have other plans.
Will my body ache after two or three jumps a day?
Barry is a fitness instructor and will help you prepare for your jumps and also recover from the day’s activities - a few good stretches will help sort out any aches and pains!
Why do we travel abroad?
Learn Skydiving offers AFF courses all year round to suit the needs of individual students.
Must I buy my flights?
Learn Skydiving offers AFF courses all year round to suit the needs of individual students.
Can Learn Skydiving book our accommodation?
We can book your accommodation and we often stay in the same hotel.

BPA Manuals

Here you can download all the relevant manuals that you may need through your AFF course

AFF Manual

Canopy Handling - CH1 & CH2

Canopy Piloting - CP

Freefly Progression

Formation Student Progession

BPA Forms